Read what some of our participants are saying about their Soulscape experience...

The experience gained of traveling to foreign places and diving into unfamiliar cultures is priceless. You learn something about the world and the people on a deeper level. Thank you for the beautiful experience, Bali will forever be a piece of me & every moment was a small piece of an unforgettable adventure. From morning yoga on the deck of the villa to the sunrise volcano hike - words can’t explain how powerfully meaningful this was retreat was to me.
— Briana (Bali Retreat, March 2018)
Through this retreat I learned that less is more. The Balinese were the kindest people I have ever met. I enjoyed learning about their culture. I learned that it is important for us to take care of not only our bodies but of our spirituality and that it goes hand in hand. What I learned about myself is that I need to let things go and not worry about the things that don’t matter. I am more relaxed and don’t stress as much about little stuff. This trip confirmed that I plan to travel the world more and learn about more cultures.
— Melanie (Bali Retreat, March 2018)
After this retreat I feel lighter and inspired... I see clearer direction in areas where I want to take my life.
— Stephanie (Bali Retreat, March 2018)
Everything about our retreat was peaceful and relaxing. I gained even more self awareness, love, and sisterhood.
— - Rebekah (Thailand Retreat, March 2018)
I can’t really put into words how special this trip was. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making it what it was!
— Melissa (Thailand Retreat, March 2018)
This retreat offered a great combination between yoga, breath work and meditation. The instructors did an amazing job assessing how we were feeling and adjusting the sessions accordingly. I learned a lot about myself on this trip and how important balance is in life. I can now use the techniques I learned in Bali in my everyday life.
— Chantel (Bali Retreat, Sept. 2017)
Bali was an amazing place, the people were some of the happiest I have ever meet, I wouldn’t have changed anything about the trip, it will always hold a special place in my heart. My co-workers and staff notified a difference in the way I meet all the challenges of a high stress job upon my return. This trip made me take step back and reflect on how I want to spend the next ten years of my career.
— Christine (Bali Retreat, Sept. 2017)
Every. Single. Day was beautifully planned and filled with memorable experiences. This retreat was nothing short of perfection. I learned so much about myself, my practice, and my new friends. The bond we made on this retreat will last a lifetime. Thank you for organizing such a fun filled week!!!
— Jessica (Bali Retreat, March 2017)

This retreat experience was perfect. I learned a lot about Bali and their Hindu culture, that was great. I did my best to look inward more and meditate more deeply since the jungle environment was so conducive. I didn’t even miss my computer or TV for the 9 days, which was due to the whole wonderful other experiences we were having. I told everyone when I returned that on a scale of 1 to 10, the retreat was 100.
— Randy (Bali Retreat, March 2017)
From the time the drivers picked us up at the airport until I was dropped off, I felt like a queen. the staff were the kindest, most attentive and anticipated our ever need. The villa itself was stunning. the rooms were immaculate. I loved the beds, the infinity pool and dining areas. The massages were exceptional, meals were delicious and the cappuccinos were soooo good. I loved each yoga and meditation class, they were all perfect! The instructors are so talented and in tune with each yogis needs and the energy of the group.
— Corrine (Bali Retreat, March 2017)

The yoga practices were perfect. Perfectly suited for our mood, energy, and physical need at that moment. Overall a perfect mix of flow, meditation, and restorative. Instructors were open to suggestions and requests. I feel all of the excursions were an added bonus. I did not expect to do as much as we did and it was just the right amount of activity. Not too much but definitely plenty to see and experience. My goal was to go on a yoga retreat to deepen my practice. I did that and so much more. I am taking away the desire to now learn to teach and share with others the wonderful, fulfilling, joyful energy yoga brings us inside and out. I keep saying is “Beyond.” Everything was beyond what I imagined or expected. From the beautiful villa, the kind courteous staff, the fresh delicious food, the experiences in town, the intense but rewarding yoga practices and last but certainly not least, the amazing leaders we had on this incredible journey.
— Natalie (BAli Retreat, March 2017)